18-11-11 | Ann Christin Mahrt

Powerpointdesign meets Garr Reynolds in Paris

One of the cornerstones in our agency is to make time for training and inspiration through attending seminars or courses with the leading specialists in presentation technic. This week we went to Paris to team up with other participants to meet and learn more from expert on presentation technic Garr Reynolds living in Japan – known for Presentationzen and books such as “The Naked Presenter” as well as “Presentationzen Design”.

Garr’s work is inspired by Japanese tradition and he has succeeded in creating an authentic link to his work. He has successfully managed to put his work into a context which is appealing and understandable. During the seminar Garr takes us through both what to be aware of in relation to context as well as how to present when you are to give a presentation.

One of the interesting aspects of Garr’s work is that he has the amazing ability to find connections and similarity to make his message clear by using things people can understand and relate to. In this case he uses the Bento box (beautiful bento box lunches sold at Shinkansen (bullet train) stations in Japan.) as a metaphor or his work. The Bento box is take away food – It is delicious, visually appealing, enjoyable, digestible, audience related, variation, tasty etc. This gave inspiration to create his business Presentationzen website, which included books, seminars, DVDs and a presentation kit.

The next day, after our fabulous seminar with Garr, we realized that how you are served a cup of coffee does matter. We got our inspiration at “Le Bon Marché” in Paris. Here is something for the eye,  it is esthetic and certainly delicate. Coffee is not just coffee – you can really present it in a delightful, tasteful and visual manner for the person to drink it. This may also be an inspiration for companies on how to rethink the context of their product/service and make it intriguing for their audience. Most things can be attention-grabbing and captivating if you present it in a novel way.

The seminar was engaged through dialogue, teamwork and networking activities. This form feels appealing for us as participants and fulfills our need to contribute on an individual level. The seminar gave us inspiration in helping our customers to present and visualise their messages even better as well as creating new ideas and approaches to our work in general.

Last year Christina visited another leading specialist in presentation technic – a Silicon Valley agency called Duarte, headed by Nancy Duarte. This agency is widely known for helping Microsoft, Al Gore, Twitter among many others. Read more about the whole experience.

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